Stresses during childbirth can be very strong, often affecting the mobility of the bones of the skull or skeleton of the newborn, generating functional discomfort. Osteopathy can treat and prevent different symptoms common in infants.

Colic, regurgitation, nervousness, sleep disorder, ENT disorder, difficulty turning head, plagiocephaly, difficulty in feeding, etc.

Osteopathe chamonix les-houches

Child / adolescent

Growth brings its share of constraints that the body is not always able to compensate for. Moreover, childhood, adolescence, are periods of discovery of the surrounding environment, of sports practice sometimes intense in a context of schooling sometimes difficult and tiring. The role of the osteopath is to accompany this growth so that it is done in the most harmonious way possible.

When to consult: Spinal pain, sports trauma or not, growth disorder (scoliosis, Osgood Schlatter disease, de Scheuermann, Sever), ENT disorders, digestive disorders, learning disabilities, etc.


Stress of everyday life, physical trauma, emotional, surgical operations or medical conditions are sources of discomfort or pain that can alter the joints, tissues. The aim of the osteopath will be to maintain the physiology of the body in optimal conditions and to minimize the functional impairments, both in the context of pain in daily life and in the context of pain related to certain medical pathologies.

When to consult : lumbago, lumbar pain, torticollis, cervical and back pain, neurological pain (sciatica, cervico-brachial neuralgia, Arnold's neuralgia, etc.) sprains, tendonitis, headache, dizziness, stress / anxiety, digestive troubles, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.), ENT disorders (sinusitis, otitis, etc.), genital and nervous disorders (repetitive infections, painful periods, incontinence, etc.).


By advancing in age, the body loses its tissue elasticity, the joints wear out and become stiff. It is not uncommon to see pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders or neurological diseases. In the form of regular follow-up or as part of a pathology, osteopathy makes it possible to cover a better mobility, a physical comfort and a comfort of life.

When to consult: joint pain / stiffness, osteoarthritis / rheumatism, neurological pain, dizziness, headache, difficulty moving, digestive disorders, cramps, urinary disorders (incontinence).

Pregnant woman

During pregnancy, the woman will undergo many transformations and the body will have to adapt to the voluminous expansion of the uterus as well as hormonal changes, including a ligament impregnation that will bring more laxity. Pains and inconveniences are frequent and often mild but can make the pregnancy difficult. An osteopathic follow-up helps to reduce the inconveniences associated with this delicate period.

When to consult: lumbar, sciatica or coccyx pain, acid lifts, respiratory discomfort, nausea or vomiting, in preparation for delivery during the 3rd trimester.


Here, in the Valley of Chamonix, many athletes are mountain sports practitioners  (trail, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing ...). Often traumatic, these sports are sources of various injuries. Whether the practice is occasional, regular or intensive, many athletes resort to osteopathy in a context of acute pain (trauma, injury) or regular follow-up to optimize their practice and prevent injury.

When to consult: joint pain, tendonitis, wound (sprain, muscle tear, shock, etc.), Morton syndrome, functional impairment limiting the practice, etc.