The musculoskeletal System

The most frequent reason for consultation in osteopathy concerns the musculoskeletal system, that is to say functional pain or discomfort affecting the joints and the systems that allow their mobility. These disorders can follow a bad positional habits or trauma.

Frequent symptoms: stiffness, mobility discomfort, acute or chronic pain affecting the column (lumbar, dorsal or cervical) or frequently also the shoulder, ankle, knee etc.

The nervous system

Osteopathy is beneficial to certain disorders affecting the nervous system such as: headache, dizziness, sciatica, cruralgia, cervico-brachial neuralgia (“the arm’s sciatica”), Arnold’s neuralgia, etc.

The osteopath can also be beneficial in the management of certain conditions: stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention disorders, depression etc.

The digestive system

Digestive disorders are common and often ignored, yet even minor, they are the witnesses of a dysfunction of our “second brain”.

Frequent symptoms include colic, regurgitation in the infant and numerous manifestations in adults (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, difficult deglutition, etc.)

The genito-urinary system*

The organs of the pelvis are also subject to various stresses and the osteopath can act on the affections of the genitourinary system.

Symptoms include chronic urinary tract infections, certain forms of incontinence, dyspareunia, irregular or painful periods.
Some forms of difficulty in conceiving a child can also be accompanied by the osteopath.
Pregnant women can also be monitored to alleviate symptoms related to pregnancy or to prepare for childbirth.

*No internal manipulation (vaginal, rectal) is performed by the osteopath, the approach is only external.

Oto-Rhino-Laryngologic System (ENT)

Very classical in children, ENT disorders are also found in adults.

Symptoms: otitis, rhinitis, repetitive sinusitis, cough, swallowing disorder etc.

Vascular system

Blood circulation disorders can have a mechanical origin that can be treated by the osteopath, the symptoms induced are various and sometimes very troublesome. Many pathologies concerning the vascular system are obviously not the resort of the osteopath, nevertheless, the osteopath can accompany the medical management and help to alleviate the symptoms.

Symptoms: migraine, headache, venous return, edema, hemorrhoids, restless legs syndrome etc.